Nuclear Power (and Cows)

This short film is not a political statement, although the international debate about nuclear energy after Fukushima inspired the making of it.

In Switzerland, there are four nuclear power plants, running five reactors: Beznau I & II, Mühleberg, Goesgen and Leibstadt.
Nowadays, Switzerland’s power production consists of 55% hydroelectricity, 40% nuclear energy and 5% from other sources as for instance incinerators (Source: BFE). After the shutdown of the Oldbury reactor in Western England at the end of February 2012, Beznau I is now the oldest pressurized water reactor worldwide, running since September 1st 1969.
Last but not least, major concern regarding the safety of the Mühleberg reactor arises from the formation of cracks in the core shroud inside the vessel and has provoked a heated debate regarding the necessity of a shutdown of the reactor.

With its cooling towers, Goesgen and Leibstadt are far more photogenic for time-lapse than Beznau and Mühleberg. And cows, you will find them all over Switzerland.

So switch on the lights!

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  1. Lloyd Skaalen says:

    A beautiful video of facilities that will be a vital part of our future without fossil fuels!

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