One Day on Earth: Cold Engadin Time Lapse Night

Taking part in “One Day on Earth” on 12.12.12, this footage is quickly put together to give an overview. During two quite cold nights on Piz Corvatsch (-25°C) and Piz Nair (-15°C) in the Engadin valley in eastern Switzerland near St. Moritz I shot more than 10K photos showing the night sky, stars, milky way and valley.

On some images you can see snowcats preparing the slopes. A long exposure effect is applied to show their light trails. I worked with 5 DSLR Canon cameras simultaneously. Many shooting stars were captured on the footage, since it was a geminids meteor shower night. See some of these on the photographs at the end of the video, as well as some “making of” photos of the frozen equipment.


music from “On the Horizon” by Musique & Music

2 Responses to One Day on Earth: Cold Engadin Time Lapse Night

  1. benoit says:

    This is just amazing!!
    Well done!
    find your website on Couleur3 and I am very impressed by your work and the energy spent to realize this video!

  2. Don says:

    Absolutely amazing, congratulations!

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